The Trisomy 21 Program

Resources for Families

The Trisomy 21 Program has compiled a number of resources for families. Whether your child has been newly diagnosed with Down syndrome or if your family has been living with the condition for years, these resources are intended to link you with people and materials that can help your child and your family.


The Trisomy 21 Program brochure offers information about Down syndrome and the services we provide through theTrisomy 21 Program at CHOP.


Our program has been providing regular updates to families through Trisomy 21 Update, an electronic newsletter for families.


Check out our Upcoming Events to learn how you can connect with other families who have children with Down syndrome.


There is a wealth of information available online regarding trisomy 21,  including details about pregnancy, community resources, national and regional Down syndrome advocacy groups, support groups and more. See websites.

Downloadable resources

The Trisomy 21 Program and Children's Hospital of Philadelphia offer downloadable material for families including a Trisomy 21 Resource Directory, a recreation guide for children with special needs, financial planning for your special needs child, as well as tips to transition your child with Down syndrome to adult care when it is time.

Also available

We also offer information about trisomy 21, organizing your child's care and our research


Date: October 2012

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Trisomy 21 Update

The Winter 2014 newsletter for families is now available online. Check out the Trisomy 21 Update.