Turner Syndrome Program

Turner Syndrome Program Services

From diagnosis, evaluation and treatment to follow-up services and resources, the Turner Syndrome Program at CHOP helps patients and families learn more about managing the care of girls with Turner syndrome.

We offer a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation that may include consultation with healthcare professionals from several subspecialties, including: Genetics, Audiology, Cardiology, Nephrology, Child Development, OrthopedicsOtolaryngology and Dermatology. In addition, social workers who are familiar with issues common to girls with Turner syndrome provide assistance to patients and their families.

Patient-family education and support programs

The Turner Syndrome Program offers several events designed to provide support to families of girls with Turner syndrome.

Spring Fling for Turner Syndrome

The Spring Fling for Turner syndrome is a one-day educational program held annually at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Main Campus. The event offers education for families on medical issues related to TS, and fun-filled activities for girls with TS, ages 8 to 18 years.

Connections sessions

The goal of the Connections sessions is to provide an opportunity for girls with Turner syndrome to connect with other girls of similar ages.

The group sessions are designed and facilitated by our Endocrine Social Worker, Brie Dorian, LCSW.

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