Vendor Relations and Access Program

Vendor Requirements

All current CHOP vendors or those who wish to do business with CHOP are required to submit a completed W-9 form and billing email address to Non-compliance with this request may delay the payment process.

If you have questions, please contact Rosanna Hollingsworth at

All vendors who plan to visit the Main hospital or Wood building must meet the following requirements to be eligible to do business with CHOP:

  1. If you are an IS contractor and have been directed to Vendormate, please proceed with the Registration.

    If you answer ‘yes’ to ‘Do you or anyone from your company interact with procedural patient care areas including but not limited to the Anesthesia, Cath Lab, CTOR, Endoscopy, ICUs, IR, OR, PACU and Radiology?,’ you will be presented with the requirements needed to fulfill a compliant registration. If you select ‘no,’ then you will be required to submit a W-9 tax form, proof of insurance per our requirements, as well as a place for an optional attestation to a drug screening and background check.
  2. If you have been directed by HR, send all requested documents to Judy Dorazio ( of our HR department.

For other Vendormate questions, feel free to contact Cheri McGovern at or 267-426-5784. 

  On-site Reps Patient Care Reps
Required Documents
Certificate of insurance w/workers com X X
W-9 form (Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification) X X
Criminal background check attestation X X
Drug screen attestation X X
Photo badge X X
Health Status or Immunizations
Varicella   X
Influenza (annual) X X
TB test (annual) X X
Product/service competency X X
HIPAA training   X
Compliance Standards of Conduct X X
Control of On-Site Activity by Vendors X X
Interactions with Vendors X X
Fire Safety (available during registration through Vendormate©) X X
Safe Handling of Hazardous Materials (available during registration through Vendormate©) X X
Operation Seek (available during registration through Vendormate©) X X


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CHOP Vendor Guide

The CHOP Vendor Guide offers comprehensive guidelines for doing business with CHOP.
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