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Does CHOP allow a vendor representative to observe in patient care areas or shadow a member of the CHOP workforce?

In general, prior written authorization must be obtained from the patient family in order for a vendor representative to observe or shadow at CHOP if the representative will have more than incidental contact with patients or their information. The only exception to this requirement is when the vendor representative is:

An authorization is not required when a visitor/observer will not have contact with patients, patient information or where any disclosure of patient information to such persons is incidental.

The law defines “incidental disclosure” as one that cannot be reasonably prevented, is limited in nature, and occurs as a by-product of a use or disclosure of patient information that is permitted by law. Examples of incidental disclosures are when a visitor/observer on tour of the hospital walks by a patient room and sees the patient’s name displayed by the door or walks past a nursing station and overhears health care staff coordinating services for a patient.

Prior to any vendor observing or shadowing where there will be contact with patients or patient information, the CHOP staff person hosting the vendor should contact the Office of Compliance and Privacy to discuss the situation to ensure existing Hospital guidelines are followed to protect patient privacy.  

Do I need an appointment?

Visits by all vendor representatives to CHOP staff are by appointment only for CHOP facilities. Exceptions are limited to visits concerning recalls, emergent or after hour deliveries, and certain types of recurring visits such as UPS, Federal Express, or courier services. Please visit Appointment Guidelines for more information.

Where do I go on the day of my appointment?

Please visit Check-in Procedures for more information.

Do I need to register?

If you are visiting the Main Hospital, Wood Building or Seashore House, you need to register. Please visit Doing Business With CHOP for more information.

My district sales manager visits CHOP once or twice a year with me; is registration required?

Registration is required for all vendor reps who visit the Main Hospital, Wood Building or Seashore House. Please visit Doing Business With CHOP for more information.

Where should I park when visiting CHOP?

Parking in the Wood Center Garage is reserved for patients and families. Parking is available at numerous area public parking lots. For further information, contact the Parking and Transportation department at 215-590-4375, or via email at

May I bring by, or drop off, samples of medical supplies/equipment or medication samples?

Health industry representatives are not authorized to provide samples of medical products, devices or equipment for demonstration to clinicians for use on patients without obtaining a valid purchase order or making appropriate emergency arrangements through Supply Chain. Medication samples are not permitted at CHOP.

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