International Medical Education

A core mission of The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia is to advance healthcare for children around the world. One way we accomplish this is through medical education.

As a global leader in pediatric healthcare, our educational efforts extend beyond the walls of our hospital, providing medical education opportunities to colleagues throughout the world.

Our educational programs are aimed at individual and group learning, and they are tailored to the learners' objectives. Training can take place in Philadelphia on CHOP's campus, or at international sites around the globe. Subject matter spans the breadth of children's health, including general pediatrics, all pediatric subspecialties, pediatric surgery, radiology, anesthesia and critical care, child and adolescent psychiatry, and pathology.

CHOP Open-access Medical Education

CHOP Open-access Medical Education provides free open access pediatric medical education to health care professionals from around the world. The lectures are prepared by Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia staff in weeklong modules that are prepared in affiliation with the American Austrian Foundation Open Medical Institute and presented in Salzburg, Austria.

Continuing medical education

CHOP conducts a regular series of Continuing Medical Education (CME) courses. International attendees are encouraged and welcome to join us for one of our many annual events.

The goals of our CME programs are to:

  • Emphasize and integrate quality patient care and patient safety, as well as lifelong learning and inquiry-based education.
  • Facilitate collaborative educational relationships with other leading pediatric healthcare organizations.
  • Support creative and innovative teaching and educational research.
  • Expand the role of translational clinical research in medical education, incorporating evolving information technologies.
  • Develop educational content free of commercial bias and independent of any commercial interest in accordance with the standards of the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME).

All courses offered are approved for physician medical education credits. See a list of the CME courses we offer at CHOP.

Observerships and eligibility

Individual professionals, trainees or groups may be interested in visiting The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia for an observership with one of our departments. This experience can be as brief as a few days or can extend for several months. We will facilitate contact between observers and appropriate CHOP faculty to ensure that the observership experience is designed to meet the learner's objectives.

To be eligible for an International Observership, applicants must be fluent in the English language and be one of the following:

  1. A fully trained health professional currently practicing/managing abroad, intending to return to his/her position abroad.
  2. An international fellow or resident currently enrolled in a fellowship/residency program at a foreign institution, intending to return to that institution for graduation.

To begin the observership application process, please fill out the observership interest form. A CHOP representative will follow up with you shortly.

Enrollment in a training program

International professionals are often interested in enrolling in a CHOP training program. We can provide information about how to pursue these opportunities, as they are based upon a participant's qualifications and ability to obtain credentials for practice in the United States. We have welcomed many international graduates who have received formal accredited training in our programs.

Traveling to The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

CHOP is located in the vibrant and diverse University City area of Philadelphia and is easily accessible by air and rail. Our staff can assist you with many of the arrangements involved in a visit to our Hospital, including proper clearances, living accommodations and many other needs.

I submitted an observership interest form. What's the next step?

After receiving your observership interest form, a representative from International Medicine will send an email that asks you to submit the following:

  1. International Observership Request Form (CHOP will provide this)
  2. A copy of your Resume/CV in English 
  3. A letter of verification of enrollment in a foreign program/employment at an institution

Following the receipt of all documents, your application will be reviewed by the International Medical Education Selection Committee and by your department of interest. Applications are reviewed every two weeks. You will be notified via email of the final decision.

Upon acceptance into the program, you will be contacted by International Medicine to verify financials and to complete administrative requirements. After completing all CHOP requirements, you will receive the following via email:

  1. A letter of participation to assist with visa formalities
  2. Your departmental contact


The tuition of an International Observership is assessed on a weekly basis. Tuition fees can range from $2000/week.

Length of program

CHOP International Observerships are customized to meet the needs and requests of the applicant. Typical observerships last between 2 to 8 weeks. Longer length observerships are accommodated on a case-by-case basis.


Living arrangements are the responsibility of accepted applicants. International Medicine can provide a list of hotels in the area that have negotiated rate with CHOP; however, accepted applicants are responsible for the costs of all travel and living expenses.

Visa requirements

A tourist visa is all that is required for observer coming to CHOP. CHOP will provide a letter of participation, which will help in the process of obtaining a visa. However, CHOP does not assist directly in obtaining visas or visa forms.

Education at your institution

Continuing Medical Education at your hospital

Faculty from The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia often take our CME courses "on the road" and present them at international locations. CHOP has been a frequent participant and partner in courses run by the Open Medical Institute in Salzburg, Austria, and has participated in numerous seminars in other parts of the world. Courses can range in length from several days to a week. Our staff also welcome the participation of local faculty in these programs. We will work with your organization to design a course that best meets your needs.

Visiting professorships and speakers

If your hospital or medical association is looking for an expert individual speaker, we are able to provide skilled specialists in many areas of child healthcare. CHOP speakers can make individual presentations or participate in an educational program you develop with local or regional faculty.

Professional site visits

Another mode of education comes in the form of a consultation visit that can assist your medical center in some aspect of program development. Areas in which we have significant expertise and which other medical institutions have found to be of value include clinical programs such as pediatric emergency care, neonatology and simulation education, as well as health systems issues such as quality and patient safety

Educational program planning

With vast experience in medical education, CHOP faculty are also available to assist you with organizing and conducting your own training programs. We have experience in curricular design, establishing learning goals and objectives, teaching methodology, and individual and programmatic assessment.