Mpowerment Project

The Mpowerment Project uses social events, educational programs and activities to make it possible for young males who have sex with males (YMSM, ages 12 to 24) to get together and meet new people.

Through these educational and fun events we incorporate positive messages to empower YMSM to have safer sex as a way to help prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections. This is accomplished by educating YMSM in regards to sexual health, teaching safer sex protection methods, and instructing on how to communicate with partners and friends about safer sex.

Getting involved in Mpowerment

Mpowerment members help plan events, find venues, organize outings and get the word out about Mpowerment. Mpowerment's six core elements give you lots of ways to get involved.

Core Group

Let us know if you're interested in Core Group, the main decision- and idea-making body for the Mpowerment Project. Core Group is made up of 10 to 20 youth, ages 12 to 24, and meets every two weeks.

Program space

Help locate program spaces that are easy to get to, offer an open and welcoming feeling, and offer privacy and confidentiality. Spaces are chosen for their size, location, and cost relevant to the event being held.

Social events

Brainstorm and plan the social events that are held throughout the year to encourage community building for YMSM and to further the goals of Mpowerment. Events may be small (under 30 people), medium (between 30 and 100 people), or large (more than 100 people).


Work with the Core Group and coordinators to develop posters, fliers and brochures to reach YMSM with information about Mpowerment, HIV/AIDS and safer sex. Outreach is conducted at other area organization’s events. For example: a table at a health fair.


Participate in MGroups, a time to meet other YMSM in a fun, casual and confidential environment. MGroups always:

  • Address common misconceptions and questions about sex
  • Build communication skills for talking with partners and friends about safer sex
  • Help to introduce and develop ways to have exciting safer sex


Help publicize Mpowerment events and activities. Publicity on the Internet and in newspaper advertisements plays a role in outreach. Mpowerment also advertises events and recruits members by:

  • Posting fliers, brochures and posters at other lesbian, gay, bisexual, trangender and queer (LGBTQ) organizations and businesses
  • Pending information to high school and college gay-straight alliances 
  • Giveaways (condoms, shirts, etc.)