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Global Health: Niños Primeros en Salud

<h2>In the Clinic</h2> <p>Dr. Alicia Genesca works in the barrios.<br />
 </p> <h2>Hanging Around</h2> <p>A member of the Global Health Allies team weighs a baby.</p> <h2>Outside the Clinic</h2> <p>The November 2010 Global Health Allies team smiles for a photo at the Centro de Salud Divina Providencia.</p> <h2>Feeling Better</h2> <p>Occupational therapist April Andrescavage examines a young boy with a burn.</p> <h2>At Home in Consuelo</h2> <p>Nurse Practitioner Barb Picard and Global Health Fellow Dr. Lara Anotkowiak visit a family in their home in Consuelo.</p> <h2>Learning Together</h2> <p>A group of Global Health Allies and the Niños Primeros en Salud team pose for a picture while visiting Hospital Robert Reid Cabral in Santo Domingo.</p> <h2>A Close Look</h2> <p>Dr. Javier Lasa examines a toddler in the bateyes.</p> <h2>Listening In</h2> <p>Dr. Javier Lasa examines a 3-year-old girl in the bateyes.</p> <h2>A Day in the Clinic</h2> <p>CHOP Global Health workers visit a family at home in Consuelo, a town in the Dominican Republic.</p> <h2>Beating the Storm</h2> <p>A typical home visit in the Dominican Republic.</p> <h2>With Mom and Baby</h2> <p>Pediatric resident, Lauren Brucia, examines a baby while working on a Global Health Allies trip.</p> <h2>Talking It Out</h2> <p>Dr. Shirley Huang listens intently to a mother in the bateyes.</p> <h2>A Helping Hand</h2> <p>Dr. Shirley Huang comforts a mother while working in the bateyes.</p> <h2>A Friendly Face</h2> <p>Thomasine Farrell, RN, examines a young boy in the bateyes who sits on his mother’s lap.<br />
 </p> <h2>Baby’s First Toothbrush</h2> <p>Mom and baby are seen in the bateyes of Consuelo, a town in the Dominican Republic where CHOP doctors and nurses provide pediatric care.</p> <h2>Coming Together for Children's Healthcare</h2> <p>Former Global Health Fellow, Dr. Lara Antkowiak; Clinic Medical Director, Dr. Fransisca; and Director of Global Health, Dr. Rodney Finalle at the Centro de Salud Divina Providencia in the Dominican Republic.</p> <h2>The Doctor Will See You</h2> <p>A group of children wait to be seen by CHOP Global Health workers in Consuelo.</p> <h2>Practice Makes Perfect</h2> <p>Community health workers in Consuelo are taught how to measure a baby by CHOP Global Health clinicians.</p> <h2>Meeting of the Minds</h2> <p>Dr. Henry Welch of the Global Health team listens to a clinician talking about healthcare in Botswana.</p> <h2>Vital Signs</h2> <p>Dr. Lara Antkowiak, a former Global Health worker, listens to a baby’s heartbeat as mom looks on.</p> <h2>House Calls in Consuelo</h2> <p>Dr. Marc Callender visits a family in the bateyes of Consuelo, and measures how much a baby has grown.</p> <h2>Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes</h2> <p>Director of Global Health, Dr. Rodney Finalle, examines a child in Consuelo, right down to the bottoms of his feet.</p> <h2>No Boys Allowed</h2> <p>Four girls play together in the bateyes of Consuelo.</p> <h2>Consuelo’s Healthcare Team</h2> <p>Consuelo’s community health promoters and several Global Health Allies pose for a photo in the Dominican Republic.</p> <h2>Preparing for the Day</h2> <p>Team leader Ruth Frey briefs a group of Global Health workers in the bateyes of Consuelo.</p>
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