A World Leader in Children's Health

Sara Chadwick, MS, CGC, MPH

Genetics Counselor

Selected Publications, Honors and Professional Activities

Awards and honors

2012, Delta Omega Outstanding Master’s Thesis Award
2011, Graduate School of Public Health Dean’s Day Poster Winner
2011-present, Delta Omega Honorary Society in Public Health

Memberships in professional organizations

National Society of Genetic Counselors

Original papers

Sara L. Chadwick, John W. Wilson, James E. Levin, Judith Martin. 2010. “Cerebrospinal Fluid Characteristics of Infants who Present to the Emergency Department with Fever: Establishing Normal Values by Week of Age.” The Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal; 30(4): e63-7

Yang, Wei; Hood, Brian L; Chadwick, Sara L; Watkins, Simon C; Luo, Guangxiang; Conrads, Thomas L; Wang, Tinyi. 2008. “Fatty Acid Synthase Is Upregulated during HCV Infectionand Regulates HCV Entry and Production.” Hepatology, 48(5): 1396-1403

Posters and presentations

Jaya Ganesh, Ulrike Schwarz, Elaine Zackai, Sara L. Chadwick, Peter Byers. “New dominant ALDH18A1 mutation in two unrelated children with neurodevelopmental delay, cataracts, cutis laxa, and intracranial arterial tortuosity.” Poster Presentation. American Society of Human Genetics. Accepted for Annual Conference, Boston, MA. October 2013.

Chadwick S, Fitzgerald K, Weiss B, Ficicioglu C. “Twelve Patients with MAT1A1 Mutations Detected through Newborn Screening: 13 Years Experience.” Poster Presentation. International Congress of Inborn Errors of Metabolism. Accepted for Annual Meeting, Barcelona, Spain. September 2013.

Holly Feret, Jaya Ganesh, S. Saitta, Sara L. Chadwick, A.Yan, Paige Kaplan, and Elaine H. Zackai. “Autosomal recessive cutis laxa, type 2A”. Poster Presentation. American College of Medical Genetics Annual Conference, Charlotte, NC. April 2012.

Sara L. Chadwick, Linda Frank, Elizabeth Gettig. “Investigation of Existing Educational Content Regarding HIV-Positive Pregnant Women in Genetic Counseling Programs.” Poster Presentation. Dean’s Day, Graduate School of Public Health, University of Pittsburgh. April 2011.

Sara L. Chadwick, Danielle Sharaga. “What is Genetic Counseling?” Hempfield High School, Hempfield, PA. February 2011.

Sara L. Chadwick. “The MPH – Becoming a Public Health Professional.” Chatham University, Pittsburgh, PA. October 2010.


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