A World Leader in Children's Health

Joseph M. McMann, MS, MT(ASCP)SI

Supervisor, Clinical Immunology Lab

Lab Expertise

Flow cytometry
Lymphocyte culture

Original Articles


Teachey DT, Manno CS, Axsom KM, Andrews T, Choi JK, Greenbaum BH, McMann JM, Sullivan KE, Travis SF, Grupp SA: Unmasking Evans syndrome: T-cell phenotype and apoptotic response reveal autoimmune Lymphoproliferative syndrome (ALPS). Blood 105: 2443-2448, 2005.


Dinges DF, Douglas SD, Zaugg L, Campbell DE, McMann JM, Whitehouse WG, Orne EC, Icaza E, Orne MT: Leukocytosis and natural killer cell function parallel neurobehavioral fatigue induced by 63h of sleep deprivation. J. Clin. Invest. 93: 1930-1939, 1994.



Paessler M, McMann J: Validation of a flow cytometric assay for hereditary spherocytosis in the pediatric population. 22nd Annual Meeting of the Clinical Cytometry Society, 2007.


Paessler M, McMann J, Sullivan K, Perez E, Orange JS: Assessment of B-cell subsets in pediatric patients referred for immunologic evaluation. Federation of Clinical Immunology Societies (FOCIS), 2006.


Paessler ME, McMann J, Orange J: 5 Color flow cytometric analysis of peripheral B cell subsets in the evaluation of pediatric immunodeficiencies. 20th Annual Meeting of the Clinical Cytometry Society, 2005.

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