The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
The Garbose Family Special Delivery Unit — A Look Inside the SDU

Martha G. Hudson, M.S.W: The goal of the Special Delivery Unit is to make the birthing experience the best that it can possibly be for the families that we treat. The unit was designed as the adult center within a children's hospital. The colors are very different. They are muted and calming. The rooms are designed for mothers and their families to be comfortable through labor, delivery, and postpartum care. What we really want to do is keep the joy of child birth alive for you in spite of the fact that your baby has been given a serious diagnosis.

Denise D. Donaghue, RN: It's a huge benefit for mothers and fathers to be able to be geographically close to their babies.

Lynne Garbose: I was incredulous that I couldn't deliver at The Children's Hospital and that there would be two teams of doctors.

Alan W. Flake, MD: As a pediatric surgeon, I often receive patients from other hospitals --

N. Scott Adzick, MD: And invariably there's separation between the baby and the mother. The father can go back and forth. The mother is usually stuck at the referring hospital for a day or more.

Denise D. Donaghue, RN: Doesn't matter whether you're a building away or five states away, you're separated from the baby.

Alan W. Flake, MD: And I think that's an awful experience for parents. And one of the real advantages of the SDU is that you're here with the baby.

N. Scott Adzick, MD: Optimal care involves the parents being able to participate from minute one.

Martha G. Hudson, M.S.W: By having mom and baby in the same facility, we are able to optimize the outcome and allow mom to participate in any aspect of the baby's care as soon as possible.