The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
The Garbose Family Special Delivery Unit — First in the World

Lori J. Howell, RN: The Garbose Family Special Delivery Unit is a one-of-a-kind, first-in-the-world, labor and delivery unit devoted exclusively to mothers of babies with birth defects.

N. Scott Adzick, MD: Every family who has care in the Special Delivery Unit will find an environment that is incredibly supportive, where their questions are answered, where their needs -- whether medical, physical, social, psychosocial -- are met by an incredibly multidisciplinary and compassionate team.

Holly Hedrik, MD: The care for that baby starts, and that family starts, right from the beginning.

N. Scott Adzick, MD: Everything is brought to the family. Everything is brought to that pregnant mother with that unborn baby with a birth defect.

Alan W. Flake, MD: So it's really a comfortable situation for both, I think, the patients and the doctors.

Martha G. Hudson, M.S.W: Upon referral to the Center for Fetal Diagnosis and Treatment, families are brought in for a oneday consultation.

Alan W. Flake, MD: They get all of their imaging done in one day.

N. Scott Adzick, MD: Their ultrasound, their fetal echocardiogram, their ultra-fast fetal MRI.

Martha G. Hudson, M.S.W: The end of the day, the families are given the results of their tests. They will have a meeting with the staff. They will get their diagnosis, and they will discuss options for treatment.

Jack Rychik, MD: You will be able to tour the entire facility, which will involve where the baby will be born, where the baby will be managed, and where the surgery will take place all within a general area that's encompassed on the 6th floor of the Children's Hospital.