The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
The Garbose Family Special Delivery Unit — The Garbose Family Story

Lynne Garbose: My whole reality changed in the summer of 1988. I never looked at things the same way since. I was in my eighth month when I got information that the baby had a very rare and fatal heart defect.

Bill Garbose: I remember that when we found out the news about Emily — Emily's condition, that we were in a radiology office and it really--it almost knocked me off my feet.

Lynne Garbose: She was going to need the highest level of intensive care immediately on birth and that type of nursery needed to be at the pediatric institution in the city where we were living.

Bill Garbose: We knew that our baby probably was not going to live very long and Lynne was half an hour across the city, and she was limited in her ability to be with the baby.

Lynne Garbose: It was very painful being separated, having just given birth for the first time, and then wanting to be with the baby and see the baby.

Bill Garbose: It made a stressful time many, many times more stressful.

Lynne Garbose: Knowing that you were going to have really limited time with your child, you know, is really difficult. And holding her and looking at her, and I kept searching her face, "Who would you be? What would you become? What would you have looked like?" You know, just trying to pack a lifetime, you know, into the moments that I had with her.