The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
The Garbose Family Special Delivery Unit — Unique Advantages

Jack Rychik, MD: The Special Delivery Unit offers an incredible advantage to fetuses who have the potential for having difficulties the moment they are born.

J. William Gaynor, MD: Having the SDU allows us to time their delivery, to know when they're going to be born, to have all the resources necessary there even if it involves having another operating room set up.

Denise D. Donaghue, RN: The babies can be delivered in one room with the surgical team on standby in the adjacent room.

Holly Hedrik, MD: In the very beginning everyone's planned on it and the treatment starts that minute.

Michael W. Bebbington, MD: So when we can go from one OR through a swinging door into a second OR --

Denise D. Donaghue, RN: And that makes all the difference when time is of the essence.

Michael W. Bebbington, MD: Giving that newborn a much greater chance of survival.

N. Scott Adzick, MD: We have by far the largest experience in the world with open fetal surgery. It's an operation not only for the fetus, who has everything to gain, but also for the mother, who's sort of, medically, an innocent bystander.

Jack Rychik, MD: Access to the fetus can be achieved safely.

Thomas L. Spray, MD: They can be treated in this Special Delivery Unit, in special fetal intervention rooms and operating rooms.