The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Our Liver Transplant Program — About Liver Transplants and the Transplant Team

Narrator: A liver transplant is a complicated surgical procedure that replaces a diseased liver with a healthy one from another person with either an entire liver or just a section of one if a whole one is too big.

Before the transplant your child may look and feel pretty sick. The young people featured in this video have received liver transplants and are feeling healthy and active. With a successful liver transplant, your child should able to achieve a full and healthy lifestyle.

There are a number of people who will work with you before, during, and after the process. You should know who they are and how they can help you. The physicians manage your child's care and perform the transplant surgery. The pediatric hepatologist specializes in diseases of the liver, and the transplant surgeon does the operation and takes care of your child following the surgery. The transplant coordinator is your main contact. The coordinator organizes the process from early evaluation to post transplant care. The nurses in the intensive care unit and on the ward provide day-to-day care for your child in the hospital. They will also teach you how to care for your child at home after the transplant. A nutritionist will help you with the best diet plan to make sure your child eats well, grows, and stays as healthy as possible. Support staff are available to help with practical, financial, and emotional issues during the process. A social worker, child life specialist, and case manager will all beavailable to you. These support staff can and should be contacted through your transplant coordinator. If you have questions or concerns, call your coordinator or consult our website at