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Change the Course: Advanced Options for Your High-Risk Patients

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Change The Course

When cancer shows itself to be resistant to standard treatments, the Cancer Center strives to offer a portfolio of options that are tailored to each individual child.

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This video series is designed to help referring oncologists and families better understand the different treatment options for patients with difficult or hard to treat cancers. As one of the largest pediatric cancer programs in the country, the Cancer Center at CHOP has dedicated teams of specialists, with focused experience on a certain type of cancer, and often times can offer patients access to certain therapies and protocols, that can’t be found elsewhere. The Center works with oncologists and families from all over the world to integrate some of these therapies into their existing treatment programs at home, to create a stronger treatment plan that works for the families.

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John M. Maris, MD: The CHOP Cancer Center is special because it seamlessly integrates both our clinical care mission and our research mission.

It's because we work very, very hard to have an integrated approach to that individual child's problem and to have options. When a childhood cancer shows itself to be resistant to the standard treatments, and where sometimes there is no known cure or no known way to combat that, that's the void that we are very much trying to fill and for every different type of childhood cancer, we seek to have a portfolio of options that need to be tailored to that individual child.

Anne Reilly, MD: So if perhaps, the disease is treated and goes into remission and then comes back, that might be a time where the choice of what to do isn't always clear and a second opinion can be very helpful in figuring out what the right course is for a child.

If a child's disease isn't responding to therapy and a new therapy is needed, that's another time that a second opinion may be helpful and here at Children's Hospital we have lots of new therapies that are just being brought out, that have just been discovered, and a second opinion may give you a chance to get a therapy that isn't available in other places.

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