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Fertility Preservation for Boys Being Treated for Cancer

As treatments for childhood cancers have improved, more and more survivors are entering their reproductive years, and are thinking about starting families of their own. Unfortunately, impaired fertility can be an unwanted consequence of the treatments used to cure pediatric cancer. The Cancer Survivorship Program at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia recognizes that fertility is an extremely important issue related to long-term quality of life for our survivors. Thought must be given to whether a child's fertility is likely to be impacted by treatment. Ideally, this should occur before the start of therapy, when a window of opportunity may exist to preserve the patient's future reproductive potential. The Cancer Survivorship Program is very invested in offering fertility preservation options to the patients and families who are seen at the CHOP Cancer Center. We offer fertility preservation options to pre-pubertal and pubertal males and females. This video is focused on sperm banking as an option for pubertal boys who will soon begin cancer treatment.

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