The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Patient and Family Guide to The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia — Settling In

Juliette Schlucter, Family Advisory Council Member: I'm a parent whose children have been hospitalized here, and I know how overwhelmed you can feel in the first few hours. In the beginning you may have so many questions. You're not even sure what or who to ask. Always know that the hospital staff is here to support you and answer any of your questions.

Shortly after you arrive in your child's room, a nurse will welcome and familiarize you with the staff and facilities. One of the first things you will learn is that the staff welcomes your involvement. Communicate with them about what works for your child and family. You're encouraged to stay involved in routines like feeding, bathing, reading, helping with homework, and, of course, playing with your child. Bringing a special toy, book, or other personal item from home is a great way to bring some familiar comfort to your child's room. And because you're so important to your child's care, we want to make sure your needs are taken care of as well. Your nurse will tell you where in the hospital families can eat and sleep, where the playrooms are, and where you can go to learn more about your child's condition. Answers to a lot of your questions about how things work around here are in sections of your family's handbook called "Settling In and Accommodations." And while I know it all feels unfamiliar at this moment, I just want to tell you from experience that right now, you and your child are in the best possible place.