The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Patient and Family Guide to The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia — Who's Who

Kevin Gross, Nurse: Probably the first person you'll meet here is somebody like me, the nurse in your child's unit. But over the next day or so, you will come into contact with people who have many different roles, who make up the team responsible for your child's care. So who's who? And where do they all fit in terms of your child's experience here?

Let's start with me, the child's nurse, who will plan and provide care for your child, keep you informed, and collaborate with other members of the care delivery team. The attending physician is a senior doctor on our staff responsible for your child's care. A resident is a doctor who is receiving training in pediatrics, who is under the supervision of the attending physician. A fellow is a pediatrician who is receiving training in the pediatric specialty.

Sometimes a team will ask a consulting physician the particular expertise to help with your child's care. The nursing team includes others such as the nurse manager, who oversees the unit, and then an advanced practice nurse, who has additional training in the area specialty, who will work closely with your child's doctor. You may also meet the nursing assistant, who helps the nurse to provide care to your child.

The person at the front desk is the in patient unit clerk, who's here to provide direction to the families and keep the staff organized. Because at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia is a teaching hospital, you will also be meeting nurses, doctors, and other professionals who are in training.

Child life specialists are really here to help children and families adjust to the hospital experience. They provide activities and information to make life here as normal as possible and to help kids know what to expect. Because family-centered care is so important to what we do here, we employ parents and children in many different roles. Among these are family consultants who are here to provide parent-to-parent support and to help direct families to important resources.

Other members of the team include the social worker to help you find community services or financial resources, and a case manager, who will help plan your child's discharge from the hospital and keep you in contact with the insurance company.

A variety of therapists may be asked to help the team care for your child. There are also a number of other team members who are available to provide support to your child and family such as chaplains, psychiatrists, and psychologists.