The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Ready, Set, Prevent Video — Injury Prevention and Performance Enhancement Program — The Warm-up

Narrator: Welcome to Ready. Set. Prevent. The Lower Extremity Injury Prevention Program developed by physicians and physical therapists at the Sports Medicine and Performance Center at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. Designed to serve as a prepractice warm-up routine, this program specifically targets known risk factors and has been shown to reduce lower extremity injuries and improve athletic performance in pediatric and adolescent athletes.

Ready. Set. Prevent. should be performed in the first 15 minutes of practice and overseen by a coach or trainer.

This video shows proper form and instruction for all exercises. Coaches and athletic trainers must always remind athletes that proper form is necessary for all activities.

The Warm-up -- Mark out a distance of 10 to 15 yards. Do two laps each of a forward and then backward shuttle run, a side shuffle, and a carioca.