The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Vaccines: Separating Fact From Fear - Can My Baby Get 4 or 5 Vaccines at a Time?

Nicole's Mother: Nicole had just came out of Children's. She had to have four or five vaccines all at one time. It seems like so much for such a small infant to handle.

Susan Coffin, MD: Seeing four shots lined up on an examining table for your baby is an imposing sight. It does seem like a lot. And as a parent, I felt that it looked like a lot for my child to get, too. When a baby is first born, it seems as though a baby is very vulnerable and in many ways they are. But what we do know is that babies' immune systems are well developed before they are ever born. And that's important. It's important for babies' immune systems to be ready to encounter the hundreds of bacterias that will quickly cover the surface of their bodies and making sure that they don't cause infections in a baby. So a baby's immune system really is ready.