The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Vaccines and Your Baby - Introduction

Paul A. Offit, MD: New parenthood can be an overwhelming time for a family. We're so focused on trying to do what's right for this little baby who's depending on us, and suddenly we're faced with all these complicated questions. Thanks to modern science, parents are required to make choices about the best ways to feed and shelter, clothe and transport their children. But today we're going to talk about one way that modern science has made childhood easier, more predictable, and less perilous than ever before--vaccines.

Our mission here at the Vaccine Education Center is to talk to parents about vaccines, how they work, how they're made, and how they've been proven to be safe and effective. Of course, that also means talking about the diseases that vaccines prevent. Now, some of these diseases are pretty rare in our part of the world, but others are still surprisingly common.