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There are three bills you might receive for services provided by The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. These include a Hospital bill (green), a Physician bill (blue) and a Home Care bill (white). Learn more about each of these bills:

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Hospital bill

This bill covers charges for hospital services. This will include but is not limited to: procedures; overnight stays; supplies and equipment; and technical services, such as lab tests and radiology studies. This also includes charges for services provided by non-physician clinical staff. This will include but is not limited to: audiologists; dietitians; and physical, occupational and speech therapists. If your child received any such service, even if it was during a visit with a specialist at a Specialty Care Center or at the Wood Center, you will receive a Hospital bill. This explains why you might receive a Hospital bill without ever coming to the main Hospital building at 34th Street and Civic Center Blvd. in Philadelphia.  

See a sample Hospital bill

Questions about your Hospital bill?
Call 1-800-283-3055 or 215-590-2555

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Physician bill

The bill you receive from the physician group is for professional services such as evaluation and management, and procedures performed by physicians and other clinicians who were involved in your child's care. This includes providers at CHOP's Main Campus in Philadelphia, and all Primary Care and Specialty Care locations in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

See a sample Physician bill

Questions about your Physician bill?
Call 877-724-2467 (877-PB4-CHOP)

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Home Care bill

Not everyone will receive a Children's Hospital Home Care bill. If you receive a bill from Home Care, it will cover charges for medical services provided for your child at home. These might include nursing visits, infusion therapy, enteral feedings, injectable medications, medical supplies and equipment, and many other services.

See a sample Home Care bill

Questions about your Home Care bill?
Call 1-800-866-1242


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