Division of Neurology Clinical Studies

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Safety and Efficacy of NB-001 in 22q11DS Children with Anxiety, Inattention, and/or Autism

The aim of this study is to determine if NB-001 (an investigational drug that is not approved by the FDA) is effective, safe, and well tolerated in treating children and adolescents with 22q11DS and anxiety, inattention, and/or autism. The study will take place over a 21-week period with routine telemedicine check-ins, home health nurse visits, and behavioral questionnaires. Except for the first visit which will be in-person at the CHOP Philadelphia campus, all other study visits will be done at the patient's home by a study nurse.  

Neuroscience Center Biorepository

In order to understand the conditions that affect the children cared for in the Division of Neurology, we need to better understand underlying mechanisms. This study will enable us to understand how the brain and nervous system work. The goal of this study is to collect biological samples and medical information from children to create a Neuroscience Biorepository to advance future neurological research. Any patient with a neurological condition can participate. Please talk to your provider (Nurse Practitioner or Doctor) about opportunities for your children or their friends to help.