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Child Life Specialist Joins the Hematology Team

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Child Life Specialist joins Hematology Team

Read about Katie Scarlett's experience as a child life specialist with The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and the services child life specialists provide to patients and their families.

Welcome Backpacks for New Patient Families

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The HTC has just finished putting together welcome backpacks for patients newly diagnosed with hemophilia. The backpacks include a binder with important information for all new families.

Release of Medical Information for Patients 18 and Older

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Patients 18 years and older

When a patient turns 18 years old, by law, he or she is considered an adult. Therefore, medical information that was previously provided to the patient’s parents or guardian can only continue to be provided with the patient’s permission.

World Hemophilia Day 2015

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The CHOP HTC in Voorhees, NJ, celebrated World Hemophilia Day on April 17, 2015. Staff were invited to wear clothing “from a country they cared about.”

Tell Me More about Von Willebrand Disease

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Von Willebrand disease (VWD) is a bleeding disorder caused by having too little von Willebrand factor (VWF) protein or VWF that doesn’t work well.

Learning More about Platelet Disorders

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Platelet disorders are an underrecognized cause of bleeding in patients with inherited causes of bleeding. These disorders have only recently become the focus of research efforts.

The Affordable Care Act and You

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In response to problems in the U.S. healthcare system, the federal government passed a healthcare reform law called the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

Care for the Caregiver

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Be aware of the signs of caregiver burnout. It may not be obvious to you, may develop over time, and may not be linked to a specific time or event that you can pinpoint.