Roberts Individualized Medical Genetics Center (IMGC)

If your child is seen by a specialist at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) who suspects that his or her features or symptoms are due to a genetic cause, or to changes in a gene or genes, your child may be referred to the Roberts Individualized Medical Genetics Center (IMGC).

The Roberts IMGC, a part of the Division of Human Genetics, facilitates access to genetic testing across the Hospital and has the expertise to fully explain genetic testing to you and your family.

Individualized Medical Genetics: Camryn’s Story

Why Choose Us?

Genetic testing is complex. The Roberts IMCG’s genetic counselors, physicians and financial counselors are available to help referring clinicians and families navigate the pre- and post-testing issues that may arise.

Understanding Genomics and Genetic Testing

This educational module is designed to help you understand the basics of genomics and how changes in our genetic makeup can lead to various medical conditions. You’ll also learn about some common types of genetic testing that may be recommended by your doctor or genetic counselor.

View the Understanding Genomics and Genetic Testing Module

Conditions We Treat

Our Team

The IMGC team is comprised of genetic specialists including attending physicians and genetic counselors who are prepared to assist referring clinicians and families before, during and after any genetic testing your child requires.

We are eternally grateful for the experience we had and continue to have with the Roberts IMGC team.

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