Why Choose CHOP for Sepsis Treatment

At the Pediatric Sepsis Program at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), infants, children and adolescents with sepsis have access to top-notch clinical care and cutting-edge research opportunities in one place. Through the implementation of quality improvement projects, clinical decision support and scientific research, our multidisciplinary team of experts is leading the international medical and scientific communities in our search for what causes sepsis, the best methods for early detection and resuscitation, effective therapies to reverse the effects of sepsis, and follow-up care to assess the long-term effects of sepsis. Since 2011, our team has:

  • Developed and implemented a sepsis screening tool embedded within the electronic health record for use in the pediatric emergency department, which is now utilized at CHOP and at several hospitals in the United States
  • Demonstrated that implementation of a clinical pathway to treat children with sepsis reduces time to antibiotic administration and limits progression of organ dysfunction
  • Published the first evidence that delayed antibiotic administration is associated with increased risk of organ dysfunction and death in children with sepsis
  • Published the first direct evidence that mitochondrial dysfunction occurs in a subset of children with sepsis-associated multiple organ dysfunction
  • Published the largest prospectively collected global epidemiological study of children treated for severe sepsis in an intensive care unit
Without the Sepsis Program, my daughter wouldn’t be here. We wouldn’t be seeing her smile and hearing her laugh.

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