Outpatient Specialty Care and Primary Care Clinical Pathway
for Obesity Prevention and Management in Children

Well Child Visit with Provider
for Child ≥ 2 years
Initial Primary Care
Overweight/Obesity Management
  1. Add appropriate BMI diagnosis to
    problem list
  2. Assess and Evaluate Comorbidities
  3. BMI-based screening labs
  4. Engage family in one behavioral goal related to 5210 messaging
If interested in making a change
Primary Care

Every 1-2 Months
Continue for 6 months
Nurse Educator
Interested in
More Frequent Visits
85th - < 99th percentile
5th - < 85th percentile
  1. Continue 5210 Messaging
  2. Check trend of BMI
  3. Assess for risk factors
  4. Reassess at each visit
Not Interested in
More Frequent Visits
  1. Weight check every 3-6 months
  2. Reassess interest in more frequent visits
≥ 99th percentile
Consider Initial Primary Care
Management or Referral to
Healthy Weight Program
Maintaining or trending down
Reassess weight and BMI percentile at 6 months
Continue current plan with available office resources
Gaining or trending up
Posted: July 2014
Updated: June 2017, September 2019
Authors: S. Khan, MD; J. Michel, MD; M. Mascarenhas, MBBS