Transition to Adult Care — Outpatient Specialty Care and Primary Care

Consider Adult Care and Transition Team (ACTT) Consult

ACTT is a consultative service at CHOP that assists in the coordination of transition-related care across primary care and different specialties. For patients who are 18 or older and routinely see two or more specialists and/or have an intellectual disability, a consult to the Multidisciplinary Intervention Navigation Team (ACTT) should be considered. Identifying providers, creating a comprehensive transition summary, and ensuring that insurance, legal decision-making support, and psychosocial challenges are addressed can be especially difficult for complex patients. ACTT consults can also be requested for patients ≥ 18 years old who are admitted inpatient.

Examples of when to consider a ACTT Consult:

Patient Considerations for ACTT Consult Example Diagnoses
  • Two or more subspecialists
  • Crohn’s disease + diabetes
  • Asthma + seizure disorder
  • Intellectual disabilities or
  • IQ < 70 or
  • History of developmental delay
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Autism