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BA in Psychology - Temple University, Philadelphia, PA

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Clinical Research Assistant

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Goldberg, T., Chang, J., Waqar, L., Buckley, L., Liebling, E., Nolan, B., Peterson, R., Dolinsky, L., Dowling, J., Owei, L., Burnham, S., and Weiss, P. (2018). Pre-Clinic Huddles and Positive Feedback Improves Identification of Eligible Research Patients in Pediatric Rheumatology, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Quality and Safety Day, Philadelphia, PA, May 2018


Goldberg, T., Cerra, C., Look, A. Nusrath, S., Corbett, N., and Olino, T. (2017). Personality, Impulsivity, and Associations with Health Behaviors, Temple University Undergraduate Research Conference, Philadelphia, PA, April 2017

Goldberg, T., Look, A., Cerra, C., and Olino, T. (2017). Positive Mood Predicts Slowing of Devaluation of Reward in a Progressive Ratio (PR) Task, Association for Psychological Science, Boston, MA, May 2017

Corbett, N., Case, J., Goldberg, T., and Olino, T. (2017). Clinical Manifestations of Anhedonia in Borderline Personality Disorder, Eastern Psychological Association 2018, Philadelphia, PA, March 2018

Case, J., Patros, C., Goldberg, T., and Olino, T. (2017). Assessing the Severity of Self-Injury: Number of Acts versus Number of Methods?, Anxiety and Depression Association of America, Washington, DC, April 2018

Goldberg, T., Cerra, C., Look, A., and Olino, T. (2017). An Experimental Approach to Examining Influences of Personality and Mood State on Risk-taking Behaviors, Association for Psychological Science, San Francisco, CA, May 2018

Awards and Honors

Psi Chi Psychology International Honor Society, Temple University
Distinction in Major in Psychology, Temple University
University Honors, Temple University

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Association for Psychological Science


Society of Pediatric Psychology