PATS (Pediatric Adenotonsillectomy for Snoring)


The purpose of the study is to study the effect of adenotonsillectomy surgery (removal of tonsils and adenoids) in mild disordered breathing. All participants will in the study will be evaluated for surgery because adenotonsillectomy is a commonly used treatment for MSDB; however, one group will get surgery early (within one month after a sleep study) and the other group will be observed without surgery for 12 months.  After 12 months, subjects who did not get surgery may be reevaluated for surgery by the ear, nose and throat doctor to decide whether they should get surgery or not.  Following confirmation of initial eligibility including screening sleep study, participants will undergo the following procedures: urine collection for cotinine, medical history and physical examination including blood pressure and anthropometry, behavioral testing, questionnaire completion by parent, venipuncture, actigraphy.  If subjects have questions or concerns about the study Dr. Ignacio Tapia (PI) Laurie Karamessinis 215-590-9184 research coordinator, and Mary Anne Cornaglia, research coordinator can be reached at 215-590-3749 or 267-426-5748. IRB 14-011214 

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