Heterotaxy Syndrome (Isomerism) Patient Stories

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Heart Transplant: Amber’s Story

Amber and her horse

Amber received a new heart at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. After years of poor health, she’s now enjoying an active life again.

Heterotaxy Syndrome: Finn’s Story


Finn, 3, had heart surgery at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia to correct his serious heart defects as a result of heterotaxy syndrome.

Heterotaxy Syndrome: Julia’s Story


An innovative procedure corrected a problem in Julia’s circulatory system. Inspired by the nurses at CHOP, Julia is in school to become a nurse herself.

Heterotaxy Syndrome: Ethan’s Story

Ethan Heterotaxy

After learning that their unborn baby had heterotaxy syndrome and CHD, Alison and Philip turned to The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia for hope.

Heterotaxy Syndrome: Laila's Story

Laila Kramer was 8 years old when her family learned she was born with heterotaxy syndrome, a rare birth defect where many of her internal organs are reversed from their normal positions. When she contracted a serious liver infection, she got help from CHOP experts.