Neuroblastoma Patient Stories

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Neuroblastoma: Ellie’s Story

As a newborn, Ellie spent time in CHOP’s NICU. When she developed symptoms that led to a cancer diagnosis, the family knew that CHOP was the right place for care.

Hereditary Neuroblastoma: Edie’s Story


After spending most of her life being treated for neuroblastoma, it seemed that 18-month-old Edie had run out of options. Her family turned to The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, where an experimental treatment changed the course of this little girl’s life.

Neuroblastoma: Sarah's Story


This young woman continues to receive the best follow-up care from CHOP after being treated for neuroblastoma as a toddler.

Neuroblastoma: Cole's Story


After undergoing several rounds of chemotherapy for neuroblastoma, Cole had a pediatric stem cell transplant at CHOP.