Trisomy 21 (Down Syndrome) Patient Stories

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Trisomy 21: Sara’s College Story

buddy walk

Down syndrome didn’t stop Sara from dreaming of going to college, and with the help of CHOP’s Trisomy 21 Program, she is now living her dream.

Down syndrome: Neva's Story


Neva, an 11-year-old with Down syndrome, is confident, full of joy and ready for anything, with the support of her family.

Down Syndrome: Eve's Story


For 15-year-old Eve, every day is a new adventure and she can't wait to see what's next: fashion, sports or travel.

Down Syndrome: Brody's Story


When Brody was born, his parents were shocked to learn he had Down syndrome. Today, they've learned to embrace the unexpected with their 12-year-old son.

Down Syndrome: Aidan's Story

Aidan smiling

Every day is a new adventure for Aidan, a 1-year-old with Down syndrome who embraces each new challenge with a smile on his face.