Alexandra Borst, MD

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Alexandra Borst, MD, is an attending physician with the Division of Hematology at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

Appointments and Referrals: 1-800-TRY-CHOP (1-800-879-2467)

Education and Training

Medical School

MD - Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons, New York, NY


Pediatrics - Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA


Pediatric Hematology & Oncology - Duke University Medical Center, Durham, NC

Board Certification

Hematology – American Board of Internal Medicine
Pediatrics – American Board of Pediatrics

Titles and Academic Titles

Attending Physician

Clinical Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania

Departments and Services




Snyder E., Sarma A., Borst A.J., Tekes A. Lymphatic Anomalies in Children: Update on Imaging Diagnosis, Genetics and Treatment. AJR 2022 Jan 19 [published online]. Accepted manuscript. doi:10.2214/AJR.21.27200

Ahlers, C.G., Baron, C.M., Sarma, A., and Borst, A.J. Contrasting Cases of Complex Lymphatic Anomalies: Case Reports and Review of the Literature. Journal of Vascular Anomalies. 2021 Mar;2(1):e007.

Borst A.J., Bonfield C.M., Deenadayalan P.S., Le C.H., Xu M, Sobey J.H., and Reddy S.K. ε-Aminocaproic acid versus tranexamic acid in children undergoing complex cranial vault reconstruction for repair of craniosynostosis.  Pediatr Blood Cancer 2021;e29093.

Roth S.G., Feldman M.J., Borst A.J., and Froehler M.T.. Formation of a de novo intracranial arteriovenous fistula in a child with PTEN hamartoma tumor syndrome. Childs Nerv Syst. Published online August 18, 2021.

Ahlers C.G., Lan M., Schoenecker J.G., Borst A.J. Blood Loss and Transfusion in a Pediatric Scoliosis Surgery Cohort in the Antifibrinolytic Era. J Pediatr Hematol Oncol. Published online October 15, 2021. doi:10.1097/MPH.0000000000002351.


Croteau S.E., Wheeler A.P., Khan O., Haley K.M., Borst A.J., Lattimore S., et al. Pharmacokinetic-tailored approach to hemophilia prophylaxis: Medical decision making and outcomes. Res Pract Thromb Haemost 2020; 00: 1– 8.

Borst A.J., Nakano, T.A., Blei, F., Adams, D.M., Duis, J. A Primer on a Comprehensive Genetic Approach to Vascular Anomalies. Front Pediatr. 2020;8:579591.


Borst, A.J., Sudan, D.L., Wang, L.A., Neuss, M.J., Rothman, J.A., Ortel, T.L., 2018. Bleeding and thrombotic complications of pediatric liver transplant. Pediatr Blood Cancer 65, e26955.

Borst, A.J., Tchapyjnikov, D., 2018. B6 and Bleeding: A Case Report of a Novel Vitamin Toxicity. Pediatrics 141, S430–S433.


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Tchapyjnikov, D., Borst, A.J., 2017. Immune-related Neurological Symptoms in an Adolescent Patient Receiving the Checkpoint Inhibitor Nivolumab. J. Immunother. 40, 286–288.


Borst, A.J., States, L.J., Reilly, A.F., Rheingold, S.R., 2013. Determining response and recurrence in pediatric B-cell lymphomas of the bone. Pediatr Blood Cancer 60, 1281–1286.

Posters and Presentations


Borst, A.J., Bonfield, C.M., Deenadayalan, P.S., Le, C.H., Helmer Sobey, J., and Reddy, S.K. E-aminocaproic acid (EACA) vs. tranexamic acid (TXA) in children undergoing complex cranial vault reconstruction for repair of craniosynostosis. Poster presented at: Society for Pediatric Anesthesia meeting; 2021 Feb 27; Virtual.


Ahlers, C.G., Lan, M.G., Schoenecker, J.G., and Borst, A.J. Worsened outcomes in pediatric neuromuscular scoliosis patients compared to idiopathic scoliosis patients after posterior spinal fusion surgery. Poster session presented at: The Anesthesiology Annual Meeting; 2020 October 3; Virtual.

Duvernay, M., Gibson, B.H.Y., Mckeithan, L., Borst, A.J., and Schoenecker, J.G. Platelet Dysfunction and Persistent Fibrinolysis in Pediatric Scoliosis Surgery Patients Receiving Tranexamic Acid. Blood 2020; 136 (Supplement 1): 26. doi: Oral abstract presentation at: American Society of Hematology Annual Meeting; 2020 Dec 5; Virtual.

Invited Lectures


Borst, AJ. Lymphatic Anomalies, XXX∘ Argentinian Cardiovascular Surgery Annual Meeting, Virtual. 2021


Borst, AJ. Vascular Anomalies for the Pediatric Hematologist-Oncologist, presentation to the Cumberland Pediatric Foundation, Virtual Continuing Medical Education Program, Brentwood, TN. 2020.


Borst, AJ. Emergencies in Vascular Anomalies, Vanderbilt Life Flight Group Conference, Nashville, TN. 2019.

Awards and Honors

2021, Nominated to the Geoffrey Fleming Academy for Excellence in Education Mentorship Program
2018, Appointed to the Katherine Dodd Faculty Scholars Program
2017, Silber Award, Duke University
2016, ASH Abstract Achievement Award
2015, Accepted to Dr. Craig Kessler’s “Hematology Fellows Consortium”
2010, Alpha Omega Alpha, Columbia University
2010, Glasgow-Rubin Achievement Award, Columbia University
2010, Daniel J. Fink MD Memorial Prize, Columbia University
2005, Kappa Delta Award, Pomona College
2005, Vaile Prize in Biology, Pomona College
2005, Phi Beta Kappa, Pomona College
2005, Magna Cum Laude, Pomona College

Editorial and Academic Positions

Editorial Positions

Ad Hoc Reviewer

Journal of Pediatric Hematology-Oncology
Journal of Vascular Anomalies
Pediatric Blood and Cancer

Leadership and Memberships

Memberships in Professional Organizations


2020-present, International Society on Thrombosis and Haemostasis
2017-present, International Society for the Study of Vascular Anomalies


2015-present, Hemostasis and Thrombosis Research Society
 - 2018-present, VENUS Pediatric Thrombosis Committee
2014-present, American Society of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology
 - 2018-present,  Vascular Anomalies Special Interest group
 - 2018-present, Education and Research Committees
2014-present, American Society of Hematology