Merritt M. Jensen, PhD, is a pediatric psychologist with the Division of Urology at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia where her expertise expands the comprehensive care available to medical and surgical patients treated by the Division.

Dr. Jensen completed her doctoral training at The University of Miami (2002), her neuropsychology and pediatric psychology internship and pediatric psychology post-doctoral fellowship training at CHOP. She worked as a staff psychologist within the Division of Oncology at Children’s Hospital prior to joining the Division of Urology.

Dr. Jensen supports Urology’s DOVE Center for Voiding and Bladder Function, which is among the largest, most comprehensive clinics in the U.S. devoted to pediatric bladder and urinary tract dysfunction. She is skilled in conducting clinical assessments and providing developmentally appropriate, behaviorally-based interventions tailored to the needs of each child and family. Identifying and addressing barriers to treatment and adherence to care plans is also essential to successfully addressing a spectrum of voiding problems including daytime wetting, toilet training challenges, enuresis/encopresis, recurrent UTIs, and bedwetting.

In her role with the Division, Dr. Jensen also support patients cared for by the Disorders of Sex Development (DSD) Program. In addition, she plays an integral role in the comprehensive care provided for patients with neurogenic bladder and those who have undergone surgical reconstruction or other treatments for conditions such as bladder exstrophy, epispadias and more.

From initial adjustment to a chronic diagnosis, to adherence to medical regimens and the promotion of gradually increased patient self-care and eventual independence, Dr. Jensen provides developmentally appropriate guidance and support for both patient and family. Exploring the impact of chronic medical conditions on peer relations and social development in a developmentally appropriate way is also an essential service incorporated into the care provided to patients treated by the Division of Urology.

Dr. Jensen will see patients at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia's Main Campus as well as the CHOP Care Network locations in Bucks County and King of Prussia. To make an appointment with Dr. Jensen, please call 215-590-2754.

Dr. Jensen is available to help facilitate referrals to outside mental health professionals to address academic, emotional and social concerns that reach beyond your child’s medical condition.

Education and Training


Pre-doctoral Internship in Neuropsychology and Pediatric Psychology - The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA


Post-doctoral Fellowship in Pediatric Psychology - Division of Oncology, The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA

Undergraduate Degree

BA in Psychology - Seattle University, Seattle, WA

Graduate Degree

MS in Pediatric Health Clinical Psychology - University of Miami, Miami, FL

PhD in Pediatric Health Clinical Psychology - University of Miami, Miami, FL

Titles and Academic Titles


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