Education and Training


Postdoctoral Research Fellow - Metabolic Magnetic Resonance Research and Computing Center, Department of Radiology, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA

Undergraduate Degree

BS in Chemistry - Tamkang University, Tamsui, Taiwan

Graduate Degree

PhD in Physical Chemistry - SUNY at Stony Brook, Stony Brook, NY

Titles and Academic Titles

Chief, MR Spectroscopy

Departments and Services

Research Interests

MR Spectroscopy




Karama S, Ad-Dab'bagh Y, Haier RJ, Deary IJ, Lyttelton OC, Lepage C, Evans AC and ‡the Brain Development Cooperative Group. Positive association between cognitive ability and cortical thickness in a representative US sample of healthy 6 to 18 year-olds. Intelligence 37(2): 145-155, 2009


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Janson CG, McPhee SW, Francis J, Shera D, Assadi M, Freese A, Hurh P, Haselgrove J, Wang DJ, Bilaniuk L, Leone P. Natural History of Canavan Disease Revealed by Proton Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (1H-MRS) and Diffusion-weighted MRI. Neuropediatrics. 37(4):209-21, 2006

Janson CG, Kolodny EH, Zeng BJ, Raghavan S, Pastores G, Torres P, Assadi M, McPhee S, Goldfarb O, Saslow B, Freese A, Wang DJ, Bilaniuk L, Shera D, Leone P. Mild-onset presentation of Canavan's disease associated with novel G212A point mutation in aspartoacylase gene. Ann Neurol. 59(2):428-31, 2006

Brain Development Cooperative Group and Evans AC. The NIH MRI study of normal brain development. Neuroimage. 30(1):184-202, 2006

Nioka S, Wang DJ, Im J, Hamaoka T, Wang ZJ,Leigh JS, Chance B. Simulation of Mb/Hb in NIRS and Oxygen Gradient in the Human and Canine Skeletal Muscles Using H-NMR and NIRS. Adv Exp Med Biol. 578: 223-8, 2006


Wang ZJ, Wang DJ. An RF Field Pattern with Improved B1 Amplitude Homogeneity. Magnetic Resonance Engineering, 24B(1), 1-5, 2005

Editorial and Academic Positions

Editorial Positions

Ad hoc reviewer, Pediatric Neuroradiology
Ad hoc reviewer, American Journal of Neuroradiology

Academic and Institutional Committees

Radiology Research Committee

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Memberships in Professional Organizations

International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine

 - International Organizations Member