Welcome to the Sleep Center: The Integration and Application of Medical and Behavioral Interventions to Help Children with Sleep

May 25, 2021 from 8 a.m. - 9 a.m. (ET)


The interdisciplinary sleep team at CHOP is composed of medical doctors boarded in sleep medicine and pediatrics, pediatric pulmonary, child neurology or child psychiatry; psychologists who specialize in sleep behavior and adherence; respiratory and sleep technologists with special knowledge of equipment and sleep nurses and nurse practitioners with an intricate knowledge of sleep and sleep disorders. The presentation will walk the participants through common pediatric sleep disorders such as: sleep terrors and parasomnias, restless leg syndrome and insomnia and when to be concerned about something else. An approach to the evaluation of daytime sleepiness will include discussion on normal sleep for age, sleep hygiene and when to be concerned about narcolepsy or something else. Approaches to treating mild-moderated obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and alternatives to surgery for OSA will be discussed, focusing on a motivational approach to CPAP adherence.

The panel will discuss the interdisciplinary nature of a Sleep Center visit, when to refer to the sleep lab directly, when to “Consult to the Sleep Clinic” via the Access Center, when to involve our new Sleep Program Coordinator to help, and will answer other questions.

 Learning objectives

  1. Identify the various medical and behavioral sleep concerns seen in the sleep center
  2. Determine the role of the interdisciplinary sleep team in management of children with medical and behavioral sleep problems
  3. Understand the multidisciplinary approach of the CPAP program in the care of children with OSA
  4. Recognize how and when refer directly to the Sleep Lab vs. Sleep Clinic

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Shelly Norbury


Related specialties: pulmonary and sleep medicine, general pediatrics