Employee Donor Stories

We asked employees to share their stories about how working at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia has impacted their lives and why they support the For Tomorrow’s Breakthroughs campaign.

I came to CHOP because of its excellent patient care reputation and dedication to patients. But when I began experiencing the overwhelming commitment from physicians, nurses and each member of the team providing the best care to patients, it was truly inspirational. I have found CHOP to be an extraordinary and exceptional organization and there is no better way to express this, but to support it.

Sharon Donahue, RN, Nurse Manager
CHOP Specialty Care & Surgery Center, Bucks County, PA

I believe 100 percent in CHOP’s mission and I personally give because the clinicians here saved my daughter’s life in February of 2009. She had a rare bacterial infection and was hospitalized for almost two weeks. Not only is CHOP my employer — and I’m proud every day that I work for this great Hospital — but the staff saved my daughter’s life. I will always financially support and volunteer my time here at CHOP.

Patricia Shaw, Business Analyst, Information Services

I love working here. I’ve given to CHOP to honor one of my children who was never born. “Tigger” developed complications at 22 weeks’ gestation and passed before we could intervene. The loss has had a profound meaning for our entire family and we think of Tigger every day.

Jorge A. Galvez, MD, MBI,
Attending Physician,  Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine

I give to CHOP because I’m inspired by the level of knowledge and commitment of the staff. I’m humbled by the courage of the patients and families who rely on our services. I’ve found strength during my own struggles with cancer and chemotherapy when I walked the halls of CHOP and witnessed first-hand the grace and dignity of those who’ve been challenged by health issues at such a young age. Within these walls walk my heroes.

Cecilia Forte, Infrastructure Manager, Information Services

Throughout the years, I have witnessed countless miracles and heard the heroic accounts about a child whose life has either been saved or the quality of life has improved because of the care they received here at CHOP. I’ve given to support many causes, and I can’t imagine not ‘paying it forward’ to anywhere else that is more worthy. I can see the efforts of my gift. Priceless!

Angie Bivins, Assistant Manager, Environmental Services

CHOP provided amazing care to my newborn daughter when she was admitted to the PICU at 8 weeks old. I had been an employee with CHOP at the time for 10 years and had been treating patients from the ‘outside.’ I was able to see from the ‘inside’ how the physicians and nurses cared for a patient. They were all incredible, professional, and treated me with respect and complete understanding. I saw CHOP from a whole different world and insight. I hope to continue to use those attributes myself as I continue to work at CHOP, now going on more than 13 years.t

Elizabeth L. Wright,  MS, RD, LDN, FAND, Clinical Dietician

This is CHOP! We save lives! Sure, we all have a job and do our work, but we should really feel privileged to work here. We work for the best pediatric hospital in the world. The work we do here – no matter the position, in some shape or form – touches a child’s life. When I leave here every day, I’m thankful and proud. I am thrilled and delighted to tell people who I work for and to give back to CHOP financially.

Frank LaMacchia, Business Analyst Principal, Information Services

When I started my CHOP dream more than 37 years ago, my goal was to take care of sick children and their families. I never thought my entire career would be in one place, but why change when you work at the best hospital for children in the United States? I give back to CHOP because this institution has given me so much, and I’m thankful to have a career that is both gratifying to me and helpful to others.

Susan Shaffer,  Clinical Nurse

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