Financial Assistance for Cancer Treatment

Government and foundation programs can help with some of the expenses associated with cancer treatment. If you are feeling financially stressed due to your child’s treatment, be sure to talk to your social worker about your options.

Government assistance programs

  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is a federally funded program that provides monthly payments to the elderly and blind, and disabled children and adults, if medical and financial eligibility criteria are met. Contact the Social Security Administration for information.
  • Medical Assistance (Medicaid) — Pennsylvania is a state program that helps families who qualify to pay for medical expenses. Children with serious disabilities who live in Pennsylvania are eligible for Medicaid regardless of their parents' income. Children who meet the medical criteria for disability under SSI but whose parents' income makes them ineligible for SSI may qualify for Medicaid. Many children who have cancer meet the SSI standard of disability. In order to apply, contact your local Department of Public Assistance office or the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare.

Programs specific to New Jersey residents

  • Catastrophic Illness in Children Relief Fund