Patient Safety

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) has long been a leader in pediatric healthcare, providing innovative programs and high-quality, family-centered care.

Patient safety and keeping every child safe — every day — is our highest priority.

What is patient safety?

When we focus on patient safety, we are focusing on preventing medical errors that could lead to adverse healthcare outcomes for our patients. Patient safety includes all aspects of the care experience at the hospital, including:

  • Effective communication
  • Adherence to processes
  • Proper hand hygiene
  • Safe systems for ordering and giving medications

Your role as a parent or caregiver

Communication between staff and families helps to create a partnership that keeps patients safe. Sharing your observations and concerns with your child's healthcare team enables us to provide your child with the best — and safest — care possible. Always trust your instincts: You know your child best, so let us know if you see any changes. Your observations make a difference.

You should also ask questions. We are happy to repeat anything you don't understand. And feel free to write things down, including your questions and concerns, and bring them up with your child's healthcare team.

Participating in your child’s care

You are a partner on your child's care team. You can participate by:

  • Asking staff and visitors to wash their hands
  • Asking us to introduce ourselves
  • Letting the team know which medicines your child takes at home
  • Asking about your child’s medicines, including the potential side effects, doses and color
  • Reminding us of any allergies your child may have
  • Expecting us to check your child’s ID band

If you feel that your concerns are not heard, ask to talk with the charge nurse or resident on duty.