Sports Injury Prevention

About 40 million children and adolescents participate in organized sports in the United States. According to a recent epidemiological study, children and adolescents 5- to 17-years old suffer 4.3 million sports and recreational activity related injuries each year.

The highest rates of injury appear to occur in sports that involve a high degree of contact, jumping, sprinting or pivoting such as football, soccer, basketball, hockey and rugby. There is also a high incidence of injury in sports like basketball and cross country track due to the repetitive nature of these activities.

Tips for preventing sports injuries

While a number of sports injuries are unavoidable, here are some simple tips you can use to help prevent common sports injuries:

Ready, Set, Prevent
Use these warm-up exercises to keep young athletes limber and injury-free.
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  • Get a pre-season sports physical
  • Participate in a proper warm-up before practice or games
  • Allow proper rest time between events and sports
  • Maintain a healthy and well-balanced diet
  • Stay hydrated, especially during the summer months
  • Don't specialize too early -- enjoy variety in your sports
  • Wear proper and well fitting protective equipment
  • Emphasize proper technique in all activities
  • Recognize injury and respond in a timely manner