Summer Foot Care Tips

Summer is a time for sun and fun, beaches and bare feet, but it can pose a challenge for those with diabetes. An injury or burn to the foot from walking on hot sand or hot pavement, glass or broken shells in the sand or an insect bite can happen easily during the summer.

Sandals are popular during the summer, but can leave feet unprotected from these potential risks. Any type of break in the skin has the potential of getting infected unless precautions are taken.

Here are a few tips to help you enjoy the summer months while protecting your child’s feet:

  • Keep blood sugars in acceptable range
  • Avoid walking barefoot
  • Buy shoes that fit comfortably
  • Wash feet daily
  • Use lotion on feet to keep skin smooth
  • Keep toenails trimmed
  • If your child gets a cut, insect bite or blister, give proper care and make sure it heals quickly