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Pediatric Partners: May 2019

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Check out our laceration clinical pathway. Listen to our podcast about positional plagiocephaly. Watch Surgery before Birth for Spina Bifida. Sign up for a virtual conference on autism supports, and much more.

Alumni Notes Spring 2019

Published on in Children's Doctor

Dr. Christian will be co-hosting the CHOP Alumni Reception along with Dr. St. Geme during the annual Pediatric Academic Societies Meeting and looks forward to catching up and reporting back.

Make the Diagnosis

Published on in Children's Doctor

An 18-month-old girl returns for a follow-up appointment with her urologist. She has a history of VUR and a duplex kidney. What imaging study will help guide her further care?

Pediatric Partners: March 2019

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Listen to our latest podcast about cardiovascular sports physical. Review our penicillin drug allergy clinical guidelines. Learn about our Food Pharmacy. Sign up for a CHOP Talks CME and much more.