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Make the Diagnosis: Winter 2021

An 8-year-old female with no significant past medical history presented to the Emergency Department due to fever and abdominal pain.

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Alumni Notes: Winter 2021

Published on in Children's Doctor

As the 2020-2021 Chief Residents, it is our pleasure to highlight new and exciting updates from the Pediatric Residency Program, with a focus on how we have tailored resident education in the era of COVID-19.

Make the Diagnosis: Fall 2020

KD is a 14-year-old female with no prior medical history who presents to your outpatient office with a 6-month history of generalized abdominal pain that has been increasing in frequency over time.

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Children’s Doctor News and Updates Fall 2020

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Early findings from researchers at CHOP show that convalescent plasma appears to be a safe and possibly effective treatment for children with life-threatening cases of COVID-19. The results were published in Pediatric Blood and Cancer.