Vaccine Policy: Primary Care, West Chester

At Primary Care, West Chester, we believe in the safety and efficacy of vaccinations. We believe that the decline of many infectious diseases, such as polio and bacterial meningitis, and the virtual elimination of others, such as diphtheria and rubella, is the result of a successful and ongoing childhood vaccination program. As pediatricians, we believe in the vaccination guidelines proposed by the American Academy of Pediatrics. As parents, we believe in providing what is best for our own children. Accordingly, our children have been vaccinated.

When parents choose not to vaccinate, they not only place their child at risk from contracting a preventable disease, but they also place others in the community at risk. Unvaccinated children can serve as carriers, introducing a germ to children too young to be vaccinated, elderly family and friends, or people undergoing treatments for cancer or other serious medical conditions.

At each visit, we will discuss the age-appropriate vaccines with you. We will be happy to address questions and concerns you may have about vaccines. We hope that you will agree that the best medical treatment for your child, the treatment that we have chosen for our own children, is to have your child fully vaccinated.

Please refer to the Vaccine Education Center at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia or the Centers for Disease Control for more information on this issue.