My Commitment to Diversity: A Message from CHOP’s President and CEO

Madeline Bell Teams at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) are finding solutions to some of the toughest challenges in healthcare. And as CHOP’s President and CEO, it’s my responsibility to support them by creating an environment where people of all backgrounds, ages, races, abilities, sexual orientations and generations can collaborate, learn from each other and thrive.

Diversity is important to me for many reasons. Having a diverse workforce helps CHOP provide better care (research shows that when your workforce reflects your patient population, patients have better outcomes), and I’ve found that diverse teams often come up with the most innovative ideas. It’s also very inspiring for our patients and families to see people with different backgrounds and abilities who are successful in the workplace.

My commitment to diversity extends to every area of CHOP. I am building a diverse team of leaders, including Board members and senior executives, and I integrate front-line employees’ insights into the work I do every day. For example, I rely on CHOP’s Diversity Council, which I chair, as well as our Employee Resource Groups and Physician Affinity Groups, to advise me on important issues.

By embracing and celebrating our differences, CHOP’s team of nearly 16,000 employees is finding the solutions children and families need – and creating an environment where every person who walks through our doors feels at home.

Madeline Bell
President & CEO
Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia