Around the World: Lady Ganga

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During our exclusive interview with the producers of Someone You Love, Lumiere and Hefti shared another HPV-related production in the works. Titled Lady Ganga, the upcoming feature length documentary will focus on cervical cancer victim Michele Baldwin. After fighting the disease, but receiving a terminal diagnosis, Baldwin decided to break a world record and paddle board more than 700 miles down the Ganges River in India to bring global attention to the disease that would ultimately take her life. In addition to her love of India, Baldwin chose that location to help bring national awareness to HPV and cervical cancer since approximately 75,000 women in India die every year of the disease. Around the world, cervical cancer claims more than 250,000 lives every year.

Whereas Someone You Love focuses on HPV and cervical cancer prevention in the U.S., Lady Ganga will provide a more global perspective.

To learn more, visit While there, you can watch a trailer of the film and find various opportunities to support the project.

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