Ask the VEC: Getting Involved in Public Health

Published on in Parents PACK

Q. I am not a doctor or a professional in the field, but I would like to get involved in supporting public health initiatives. Are there things I can do?

A. There are many opportunities for non-medical professionals to get involved with public health and vaccine advocacy. For example:

  • Write letters to newspapers, websites and political figures in support of public health issues such as vaccinations, child health, clean drinking water, etc.
  • Speak with others in your community about public health matters and their importance.
  • Follow and promote worthwhile organizations and advocates on your social media channels.
  • Volunteer your time and skills to organizations doing public health work or advocacy. A few related to vaccinations and infectious diseases include Every Child By Two, Families Fighting Flu, Meningitis Angels, National Meningitis Association, PKIDs, and Voices for Vaccines.
  • Make donations to organizations completing work in areas of public health.

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