Behind-the-scenes Leader: Mary Louise Mattia

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Beyond Blood

Mary Louise Mattia Mary Louise Mattia helps make the Hemostasis and Thrombosis Center (HTC) run! She is the HTC program coordinator and data coordinator, and is the voice you hear when you call the HTC office.

She has worked at CHOP in the Division of Hematology for more than 19 years and is extremely organized and hardworking.

In clinic, you see the doctors, nurses, physical therapists and social workers, but you usually don’t see the person behind the scenes who makes all of our jobs easier. When you need a shipment of factor sent to your house, lab results tracked down, other prescriptions renewed, an appointment for a study or a letter for school, it is usually Mary Louise who makes sure the task is done efficiently and correctly.

Mary Louise manages the schedules, enters critical data and generates the reports required by the federal and state agencies that help support the HTC. She orders our supplies and makes sure we have the correct helmets, pressure garments and knee pads you want for your children. When your insurance company requires a special authorization to approve a procedure or medication, it is Mary Louise who prepares those requests.

The team relies on Mary Louise to keep us on track and make sure that nothing falls through the cracks.

It is hard to describe how important she is to the success of our programs and, ultimately, to the care of your children. In fact, the HTC recently declared a Mary Louise Appreciation Day in her honor because no other day seems to do her contributions justice.

The next time you call the HTC office, say hello to Mary Louise. She’s an important member of the team that cares for your child.

Contributed by: Regina B. Butler, RN