Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Opens Gender and Sexuality Development Program in New Jersey

Published on in CHOP News

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) is proud to announce the opening of a Gender and Sexuality Development Program at its Voorhees Specialty Care Center in New Jersey.

NJ Gender and Sexuality Development Program staff in Zoom call The New Jersey Gender and Sexuality Development Program NJ team participating in a Zoom call. A multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals at the new location will offer psychosocial and medical support for gender nonconforming, gender expansive and transgender children and youth up to age 22 and their families. The team includes specialists in endocrinology, adolescent medicine, psychiatry, nursing and behavioral health.

“Our mission at the Gender and Sexuality Program New Jersey is similar to that of our Program on CHOP’s University City campus in Philadelphia – to provide support for youth and families through affirming and comprehensive gender care,” said Nazneen Meacham, MA, LPC, Co-Director of the Gender & Sexuality Development Program New Jersey. “As healthcare providers, we are honored to walk with youth and families in their gender journeys.”

Along with medical and behavioral health support, the Gender and Sexuality Development Program New Jersey connects children, adolescents and their families with referrals and resources for gender affirming providers, including therapists and physicians. Additionally, the program provides education for families, providers, schools and community members, as well as a support group for youth and family members. This group will expand to two locations in New Jersey this year as the Program continues to grow its services for the many youth and families living in New Jersey.

“In honor of National Coming Out Day, we are timing the opening of our newest program with this important time of year to encourage children and youth to come out to their healthcare providers in order to gain the best support and resources,” added Linda Hawkins, Program Director. “Our healthcare providers are specially trained in providing gender affirming care and are here and ready to support transgender children, youth and their families.”

Since its opening in 2014, CHOP’s Gender and Sexuality Development Program has grown exponentially. The Program and its staff continually seek new ways to provide a wider array of care options and partner with communities to fully support transgender and gender non-conforming youth and families.

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