CHOP Not Affiliated With Magazine Subscription Sales

Published on in CHOP News

May 28, 2010 — Recently, The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia was notified about a group of individuals going door to door in a residential area near Reading, PA, asking people to purchase magazines subscriptions that would donate proceeds directly to CHOP and/or a couple of other local hospitals. They claimed the magazines are purchased through a company called Syn, Inc.

While CHOP does benefit from numerous fundraising activities throughout the area, CHOP is NOT affiliated with Syn, Inc. in any way. CHOP has a process in place for those individuals, organizations and companies seeking approval to raise money or solicit donations on behalf of CHOP. Soliciting for donations of magazine subscriptions by Syn, Inc., or any other company, is not an approved promotion.

CHOP believes protecting our donors is extremely important. If you have been solicited by Syn, Inc. or have any questions, please contact the CHOP Foundation at 267-426-5332.


CHOP Foundation, 267-426-5332